There are many Utah State Agencies that work with MEP on providing environmental counsel for developing a sustainable footprint. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Department of Air Quality (DAQ), and the Department of Natural Resources that includes the Utah Energy Office, are eager to provide ground rules and incentives to acquire Utah Business participation. Sustainability has increasingly tight regulations, but offers financial and other services to help manufacturers become more compliant, while receiving benefits that can boost business.

Business Building Blocks
Utah State Environmental Agencies can be business profitability boosters. MEP shows you how to:

  • Work with Utah Sustainability Agencies to streamline your operation engaging green principles to grow
  • Identify environmental opportunities to be compliant while practicing Lean principles to thrive
  • Apply for equipment loans and funding from the Superfund Program to upgrade and renew your operation
  • Get funding from business assistance programs for waste and pollution reduction
  • Qualify for public drinking water system grants and loans
  • Find regulatory requirements, forms, checklists, directories, training, agencies, and financing resources
  • Receive audits and opinions on lean sustainable operation from green infrastructure experts at no cost

Profitability Factors
Becoming compliant with sustainable rules and regulations can benefit a company by improving overall operation that is more efficient, providing expert services to solve technical problems, and by offering equipment updating, replacement, and financial incentives, grants, and other resources to purchase and implement to Lean, sustainable standards.

Companies can advantage their physical operation by working with State Agencies to develop new systems and get new equipment that complies with regulations, and streamlines your business into a more efficient operation. Find out more about how your enterprise can benefit from taking a green stance by calling MEP today to schedule your overview of State Agencies. Realize financial benefits such as equipment funding and grants for manufacturers interested in becoming compliant. Make sustainability part of your growth plan and include SED training modules as part of your overall corporate 5P Profitability Strategy.