With increased governmental regulation and elevated conservation mandates, failure to comply with regulations can be expensive as well as irresponsible. Simplure, a private Utah company, partners with MEP to bring expertise to companies wanting to conserve power costs by training companies in the use of electrical power for optimal use and efficiency.

Business Building Blocks
Runl your equipment run better, cooler and longer, and make efficient use of the power you buy. MEP and Simplure have partnered to show you how to:

  • Reduce costs with an audit of your facility to identify peak use and distribution, power drains, inefficiencies.
  • Use the expertise of an electrical engineer to optimize infrastructure and train staff in cost-cutting operation
  • Install machinery and production equipment for cost savings and use optimizing your infrastructure
  • Production staff training on cost-cutting run-time techniques and regulation compliant operation
  • Implement process improvements resulting in savings on capital expenses and repairs
  • Responsibly monitor use and raise awareness of how shutting of unused machinery can lower power costs

Profitability Factors
As energy costs increase, efficient power use will save money and help to enable growth. A green strategy will:

  • Save money and reduce production costs, enabling growth and lower unit costs
  • Reduce downtime and limit equipment wear extending machinery lifespan and functionality
  • Improve your enterprises operation by clustering tasks for most efficient use of power
  • Save on capital expenses and repairs through efficient, lean, reduced-cost operation

Electric power enables business operation, innovation and growth. Utility partners like Simplure provide the expertise needed to reduce costs, comply with government regulations, and conserve the resources needed to generate power to operate. Reducing consumption of Kilowatt hours through maintenance, awareness, infrastructure integrity, and operational streamlining, reduces costs while providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy for business. Enterprises that adopt sustainable practices will improve power quality and utility while reducing manufacturing costs.

To start saving money by reducing power use, call MEP to add this program to your 5P profitability strategy.