The Occupational and Safety and Health Act (OSH) is a Federal level safety program allowing states to have their own safety programs if they match the effectiveness of OSH.The Department of Labor (DOL) requires safety standards that are regulated by OSHA or an approved state body handling worksite enforcement, education and compliance monitoring to provide a workplace free from recognized, serious hazards.

Business Building Blocks
Implementing and training to standards compliant with the state or OSH programs demonstrates diligence in employee worker safety in the workplace. OSH standards and processes help prevent accidents that can paralyze an enterprise. When OSH-level standards are implemented, both employer and employee win. MEP makes sure your team is fully trained to:

  • Develop company-centric safety policies compliant with the OSH model.
  • Be responsive to all safety-related incidents with OSHA-compliant procedures
  • Keep the correct records as specified by OSHA to avoid citations and keep compliant
  • Understand all sections and their requirements specifying protective measures when performing specific tasks, working in high-risk areas, or operating dangerous equipment.
  • Prepare your in-house policy that is added to the Federal standards specifying health and safety requirements and safeguatrds reflecting your company’s unique needs.
  • Meet legal obligations with correct, step-by-step, actionable responses.

Profitability Factors
Becoming OSH compliant safeguards employers from catastrophic incident costs such as facility restoration, production interruption, and legal resolution fees. Owners further realize savings and benefits from a confident, productive workforce, smoother production from maintained equipment, and quicker quality output from streamlined operation procedures.


  • When employees stay safe and healthy, workers’ compensation, emergency medical trips, and insurance costs decrease
  • OSHA compliance aggregates savings from morale increases, low turnover and rehiring costs, and decreased re-training expenditures
  • Financial benefits are realized from properly trained personnel, and streamlined, standardized, fluent production at increased levels
  • Profitabilty increases when risks are reduced, confidence rises among workers, and operating expenses decrease

OSH is a complex system of standards and process requirements protecting company and worker. Make sure your bases are covered. Call your MEP representative today to schedule OSH training as part of your 5p Strategy for Success.