Rapid Product Realization brings together the expertise and resources located at a university with inventors and entrepreneurs in the community. This synergy provided inventors with the means to rapidly have a prototype built and to move into production. The system also allows students to participate in the development process and to gain experience that would not normally be available through the typical college curriculum. The Center benefits both the university, and the manufacturing entrepreneur.

Business Building Blocks
The RPR Center is an essential building block for businesses seeking assistance with product development:

  • Help in identifying potentials within current products and help with visualization and redevelopment
  • Synergystic product development environment with at-hand resources for prototype development.
  • Ongoing assistance for manufacturing firms in the process of developing a product, or product line.
  • Solicitation of and outreach to inventors and entrepreneurs to create a skill-rich interactive development environment.
  • Coordination of RPR program with state system and resources.
  • Manufacturing Leadership Forum.

Profitability Factors

RPR Centers enable open innovation that focuses on partnering, and co-developing innovatve solutions with program participant partners, educational and intern manpower and resources. Centers provide extended development time that replaces a company’s need to develop costly internal research and development (R&D) programs and pay for exclusive training, equipment and expertise for business expansion.

Businesses needing an informed network of development specialists to help generate new products without developing R&D internally will profit from the wealth of resources showcased by the RPR Center. Its a valuable resource many need to enable product development that can result in increased profitability. Call your MEP representative for additional details, and see how RPR Center fits into your overall 5P Strategic approach to profitability today.