Root Cause Analysis (RCA) brings together employees from various departments to examine a problem, proposes solutions, and implements changes. It’s one of the best ways to detect failures that could prove disasterous for an entity, but this type of detailed analysis requires correct application of the right tools to make accurate conclusions.

Business Building Blocks

In developing an RCA process to fit your environment. You will leave prepared with the proper tools and knowledge to look beyond failures to more acurately predict and avoid future problems.

  • Develop a system to define and analyze problems and determine the right solution
  • Create triggers for your RCA plan using business case techniques
  • Identify responsibilities, and goals within your enterprise
  • Use your own “Straw Man Template” developed speifically for your group or business
  • Learn the techniques and operation of Event and Causal Analysis
  • Learn the techniques and operation of Change Analysis
  • Learn the Fault-Tree
  • Design / Application Review
  • Understand and Implement responses via Sequence-of-Events operation
  • The benefits of 5-Why
  • Understaning and using Cause and Effect

Profitability Factors

Managers, staff and employees interested in improving problem solving skills will benefit from understanding and using Root Cause Analysis. Maintenance and problems with reliable operation and preventing equipment failures, including techs, engineers, and supervisors will also see the immediate usefulness of this strategy in your overall 5-P plan. Root Cause helps business owners avoid failures, downtime, and loss of revenue. An important part of your overall busiess strategy. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your group.