Rocky Mountain Power’s environmental commitment states: “Protecting and enhancing the environment is at the forefront of our business strategy. We believe in building an increasingly sustainable energy supply and delivery business.”Rocky Mountain offers many programs to its residential and business customers. MEP can help you navigate through these programs and help you make the right contacts to take advantage of the help offered by RMP.

Business Building Blocks
An energy future with efficient, sustainable electricity begins with energy efficiency. Learn conservation efficiencies to decrease costs, reduce your carbon footprint and increase profitability. MEP shows you how to:

  • Reduce power costs, and receive cash bonuses for efficient construction and corporate renovation projects
  • Adopt efficient lighting and HVAC strategies reducing operating costs, and quailfy for cash rebates
  • Get technical services and rebates for sustainable energy strategies on commercial/industrial properties
  • Decrease your connected load to reduce consumption and receive sustainable incentives
  • Upgrade to energy efficient equipment and receive power cost reductions through RMP programs
  • Responsibly consume at the corporate level and preserve natural resources to reduce sector costs

Profitability Factors
As energy costs increase, efficient power use will save money and help to enable growth. A green strategy will:

  • Improve manufacturing efficiency, lower unit costs, and reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce demand to lower overall cost of energy, decreasing operating expenditures
  • Improve and streamline your enterprises operation with upgraded equipment and facilities for growth
  • Increase product quality and demand through efficient, lean, reduced-cost operation

Electric power will continue to be a key enabler of business innovation and growth. Utility partners are ready to provide incentives and and benefits to reduce costs while providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy for business. As energy consumers, enterprises can adopt sustainable practices to reudce power costs, streamline opeation, and be responsible stewards in kind, while growing their operation through lean practices, improving product quality.

To benefit from sustainable power cost reductions, call MEP to add this program to your 5P profitability strategy.