The National Innovation Marketplace (NIM) encourages the generation of emerging technologies first into business applications, second into market opportunities, and third into the adoption of new products. The resulting business opportunities generate new markets and new products destined for success in the global marketplace. MEP’s program is developed with the National Innovation Marketplace (NIM) to enhance dialogue between requestors (OEMs) and potential suppliers. The more connections that can be made between parties boosts business growth and profitability potentials. NIMs network partners enhances awareness and use of these partners to build active opportunities for supplier exchange.LIT.he IELI provides a systNIMs network partnersmCreatinginful products that have consumer demand

Business Building Blocks
Innovation Engineering Institute activities give you concrete tasks and focal points designed to boost success rates:

  • Understand what unique, meaningful products customers will buy
  • See how the business cycle can help you take current products and re-invent them
  • Learn how to create profitability through create, communicate and commercialize old and new products
  • Transform from a culture that fears failure to an offensive culture focused on growth
  • Get proven tools developed through scientific inquiry grounded in hard data and proven real world application.
  • Develop an action plan with tactical action points.

Profitability Factors

NIM enables open innovation strategy focusing on partnering, licensing, and co-developing innovatve solutions with external partners instead of developing costly internal research and development (R&D). NIM connects sellers, buyers, investors and distributors throughout many different industries. NIM targets product concepts including independent sales forecasts to make selection of the right supplier easy. This makes it easy for companies to see innovations, determine financing, select distributors, and determine opportunities

Businesses needing a reliable network of producers to generate new products without developing R&D internally will profit from the wealth of resources showcased by NIM. Its a valuable resource many need to get on right track to enabling product development and resulting increased profitability. Call your MEP representative for additional details, and see how NIM fits into your overall 5P Strategic approach to profitability today.