Management Generalist Lite is designed for company executives and management to provide an overview of sustainability, focusing on education, awareness, corporate responsibility and the economic need for adoption of a sustainable enterprise policy and practices business approach.

Business Building Blocks
Companies are realizing that their business plan, their strategy, their goals are incomplete without a sustainable business model. MEP will show your team how to:

  • Use sustainability for profiling your enterprise as a concerned corporate leader with newsworthy goodwill
    and public relations coverage via free earned media.
  • Adopt sustainable values companywide into business practices to increase revenue and attract consumers
  • Increase profitability throught the management of waste streams, inclding air, water, solids and toxic waste
  • Widen your profit opportunities through affiliations, new products, and green market expansion
  • Implement best practices and stewardshp principles to increase increase efficiency and cut wastee

Profitability Factors
Implementing green-driven sustainability programs makes sense economically, environmentally, and socially.

  • Improves efficiency, lowers costs, and reduces regulatory compliance expenses
  • Reduces demand for resources and energy decreasing operating expenditures
  • Increases awareness of your enterprise in the role of a progressive market leader
  • Creates new product opportunities and markets through the renewable footprint niche

Management will learn to create a sustainability policy with actionable, productive tactics. Actual metrics, reported data, studies, statistics from corporate performance, University research, and government audits will demonstrate how sustainable business practices are incorporated and driven from the management level. Live positive corporate outcomes of resulting profitability and high-profile awareness will demonstrate the effectiveness of a strategic sustainability program. Businesses wishing to take advantage of this emerging profit niche in the green sector should call their MEP representative today to add this program to their 5P strategy for increased profitability.

Please review the other SED training opportunities available for companywide instruction.