Lean Product Development (LPD) helps to craft the product development process to explore thoroughly alternative solutions while providing maximum design space. Lean principles are applied, such as waste identification and elimination, standardization of processes, and organization of tasks and resources to maximize the effort and expenditure towards profitable outcomes for enterprises engaging in product development.s are app

Business Building Blocks
LPD helps to standardize and organize functions during the product development stage to eliminate waste and focus resources. These activities help to being down the expense of product development.

  • Create a level product development process flow.
  • Reduce variation, and create uniform flexibility and predictable outcomes.
  • Organize to balance expertise and cross-functional integration
  • Develop skillful competence in engineers
  • Integrate suppliers into the product development system.
  • Build in learning and continuous improvement
  • Adapt technologies to fit enterprise people and process
  • Practice simple visual communication.
  • Create standardization and organizational learning
  • Establish customer-defined value.

Profitability Factors
Profitability results from applying essential strategies and key tools to decrease time-to-market, reduce waste, streamline the development process, increase quality, and integrate new products into a Lean environment. You’ll learn:

  • Lean product workflow for product development system.
  • Introduction to value stream mapping
  • How to create a new product implementation plan
  • Systematic error proofing processes
  • Materials Flow Planning for cashflow conservation.

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