The Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI) is a training organization dedicated to enterprises developing new, innovative products to diversify and increase profitability. Creating meaningful new products that will have consumer or b to b demand can be a slow and risk-filled process that may not pay off for companies willing to develop new product. The IELI provides a system for growth through innovative product development that is faster and more effective than any other method currently being used.LIThe IELI provides a systemCreatinginful products that have consumer demand

Business Building Blocks
Innovation Engineering Institute activities give you concrete tasks and focal points designed to boost success rates:

  • Understand what unique, meaningful products customers will buy
  • See how the business cycle can help you take current products and re-invent them
  • Learn how to create profitability through create, communicate and commercialize old and new products
  • Transform from a culture that fears failure to an offensive culture focused on growth
  • Get proven tools developed through scientific inquiry grounded in hard data and proven real world application.
  • Develop an action plan with tactical action points

Profitability Factors

Business owners must transform to cultures focused on growth. Learn how to transform your company into a growth company that makes money because the services and products offered are worth more to customers. By implementing IELI systems and tools, your can increase innovation and speed in product development or reinvention while decreasing risk. hard data and proven reliable in real world application. This system is the same approach used by big companies like Nike, Hewlett Packard, Walt Disney, Procter & Gamble, and Apple, to keep them on the leading edge with innovative new products in the marketplace. It is now being made available through IELI to smaller enterprises.

Businesses need to be continually changing and adjusting to the marketplace to stay profitable. Learn how to get your company out of dead-end product and zero profitability holes. Create a system for growth that is a proven, effective method get your company on the right track to new product development and increased profitability. Attend the Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute with your key staff. Call your MEP representative for additional details, and set up a training for your business today.