ExporTech helps companies enter or expand in global markets. This growth-focused program gets management into how international business works, from legal to logistics, strategy to countries, shipping and more. Now your enterprise can increase it’s profits through globalization training from MEP to buy and sell with consumers worldwide.

Business Building Blocks
Companies can quickly grow their revenue by substantially increasing the volume of goods they sell globally. With a proven track record of success, MEP will train your team to know:

  • What makes a successful exporter and how to deal with international marketing challenges.
  • The mechanics of exporting, including financing, logistics, trade law, shipping, and customs
  • How international business works, and how to create a successful international growth plan
  • Who to connect with to rapidly move from planning stages and immediately into exporting
  • Methods of strengthening your enterprise by prioritizing resources for productivity and growth

Profitability Factors
Including global markets offers increased opportunity for sales and overall enterprise stabliity and growth.

  • Increases volume of goods sold for profit, and quickly adds cashflow for reinvestment and growth
  • Creates a separate market to hedge against economic downturns with a second revenue stream
  • Increases awareness of new products and markets that can lead to expansion of your offering
  • Expands training and expertise of your team to produce higher quality products more efficiently

This program’s customized format focuses on merging strategy with results. Local experts knowledgeable in all aspects of exporticonduct training and expert panels to provide key information and guidance enabling companies to develop, vet, and launch their plan facilitating accelerated speed to market. ExporTECH participation also places you ahead of domestic competition in sales generation and growth to push your enterprise ahead of the pack.

Businesses wishing to take advantage of this highly-successful program that can immediatey boost profitability opportunities should call MEP about adding this program to their 5P strategy. Review the National Innovation Marketplace Training as a companion program to generate new markets and enhance your reach.