5S is all about facilitating work by changing the processes used to do work. Whatever your work is, the 5 Ss’– Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain– streamline activities to simplify, and speed up production using basic Lean principles. The 5Ss’ are foundational to the Lean concept of continuous improvement. By cutting waste and honing processes, 5S shapes working, worker and work produced.

Business Building Blocks
Businesses grow faster in a Lean culture, and employees can learn the Lean way by applying the 5S principles to the operation of their workplace. Employees will then be familiar with the structure of Lean 5S, and be ready to apply 5S practices to their work, improving the company’s operation and subsequent profitabiity. MEP trains your team to:

  • SORT - Determine things not needed, from those that are needed. Identify outdated. equipment, junk, or other non-needed items. Then Sort, and dispose.
  • SET IN ORDER - Put only the things needed to do the job in logical order, in a way that enhances the work process, and reduces the chance of error or confusion.
  • SHINE - The work area and all equipment is fine tuned to optimal settings, and systems and processes for using them are refined to an optimal state of usability.
  • STANDARDIZE – With those who must work with the resources in a particular area, decide collaboratively, and with process engineers, how the work is to be completed.
  • SUSTAIN - Create a system to define the set work standardization and sustain it, including monitoring and visual control of the process. Allow input and upgrading.

Profitability Factors
Implementing 5S Lean processes companywide creates a foundation for productivity and profitability. Lean 5S enables:

  • improvements of 10 to 30% in output efficiency that can be gained through implementing 5S principles
  • improved morale due to the employee particiption in systematizing the workspace to their preferences
  • Energy savings due to proper care and use of equipment, low overtime, and earler daily shutdown
  • Decreased equipment and tool purchases due to proper maintenance, proper use, visual organization

Make 5S Process implementation a reality for your organization. Realize increased output and a more profitable operation by calling your MEP representative today to schedule companywide training as part of your 5p Strategy for Success.